Welcome to

When I first bought this domain way back in 2012 I was part of a small group of students with big dreams.

We had just begun our homebrewing journeys. We were writing our masters. We were drinking a lot of beer. We wanted to do a startup. It made perfect sense to start a social network for brewers! That didn’t pan out.

Since then the domain laid dormant. Sometimes displaying an empty frontpage, sometimes nothing.

That changes today.

Today I’m happy to announce that is taking its first step on a new journey. As my humble home brewing blog.

Goals and dreams

My goals for are quite simple: whenever I stumble upon a new thing, or Google an old thing, I will write something about it. Be it characteristics of a Trappist beer, the intricasies of isoamyl acetate (banana ester), some new gear or, well, anything else beer or brewing related, I’ll do a quick write-up here.

Over time I hope to build up a knowledge base that both I, and you, can lean upon when talking about beer and brewing. This knowledge I hope to use to create greater things, but that is for another time.

Who I am

One last thing, I’m not an expert. I’ve never worked in a brewery. I have no relevant education (in fact I’m yet another of those homebrewing IT guys). I do however have ~8 years of condo brewing experience and a lot of curiosity.

So, thank you for stopping by and partaking in this litte hobby project of mine!

~ Torstein Thune, 16. september 2020.